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Aquametro Contoil Oil Meters Overview

Aquametro Contoil Meter Data

Aquametro Contoil DFM 12ECO Fuel Meters

Aquametro Contoil DFM 8ECO Fuel Meter

Aquametro Contoil DFM 8EDM Fuel Meter

Aquametro Contoil DFM Fuel Meter Systems Specs

Aquametro Contoil VZD, VZP & DFM Fuel Meters

Aquametro Contoil VZD with Digital Display Shows All Information at a Glance

Aquametro Domino Chemical Meters (ATEX)

2900 Series FlowGuard™ Balancing Valve

BTU (Energy) Meters Overview

4400 Series Compact BTU (Energy) Meter

Scylar Energy Meter

BTU Network Documentation

Model 9595 Flow Computer

Gas Meters Overview

Model “A” Series Gas Meters

Model AC-630 Diaphragm Gas Meter

Model 250 Metris Gas Meter

MTW / G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter 211CFH

Romet RM Series Rotary Gas Meter

SZ Series Turbine Gas Meters

Gas Regulators

B31 Series Commercial Gas Regulator

B34 S Series Medium Duty Gas Regulator

B34 Series Commercial Gas Regulator

B38 Series Commercial & Industrial Gas Regulator

B838 Series Gas Regulators

Model B42 Gas Regulator

Model B531 Gas Regulator

Model B838 IM Gas Regulator

Model RB1700 Gas Regulator

Model RB4000 Gas Regulator

Pietro Fiorentini’s Governor Line Pressure Regulators

Magnetic Meter

Oil Meters Overview

9200 II Series Electronic Oil Meters

Model 9204-9208 Oil Meter

Model 9215-9250 Oil Meters

Oil Meter Pressure Drop Curves

2200 Series Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Remote Displays Overview

Model 9503/9504 Remote Meter Display

Model 9510/9512 Remote Meter Display

Water Meters Overview

1700 Series Water Meter

1800 Series Water Meter

NSF/ANSI 372 Potable Water Meters – SSM® Series