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 Model 7150 Vortex MeterModel 7150 Vortex Meter

Vortex Meters can be used in GAS or LIQUID applications. They work well in the measurement of Natural Gas, Boiler Feed Water, Steam (both saturated and super heated) Biogas, and Reverse Osmosis water, as well as, water, air, nitrogen, and other inert gases and liquids. The meters have self-diagnostics and their standard accuracy is ±0.75% of reading liquids and ±1.0% of reading gas and steam. The meters are available up to 842°F and a Cryogenic version has a minimum -328°F. The Vortex Meters are available with HART communication and have an analog and pulse outputs.

The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011, has been amended to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) now in effect as of January 4, 2014. The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011, has been amended to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in effect as of January 4, 2014.

Our products include meters for potable use and for manufacturing, irrigation, toilets, or washing machines, which are excluded from the new regulations. Certain products we provide meets the new standard. Consult factory for more information and pricing.




  • SSP* (Spectral Signal Processing) Technology – A unique signal processing technique extends the features of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Analyzes incoming signals and applies an intelligent amplification circuit based on measured frequency and predicted process conditions
  • No Start-up Tuning – Automatically selects the optimum settings, even in noisy environments
  • Low Flow Stability – Accurately senses vortices at low rates for stable, accurate flow measurement
  • Backward Compatible – SSP amplifier can be retrofitted to provide the best vortex flow measurement available
  • Advanced Self-diagnostics Analysis of the Process Allows True Condition-based Maintenance
  • Wide Process Temperature Range : High-temperature Version up to 842°F (450°C) Cryogenic Version Minimum -320°F (-196°C)
  • Simplified Parameter Settings
  • Clear, Parallel 2-line LCD Display Simultaneous Flow Rate or Temperature (/MV Option) and Total Flow Rate with Process Diagnostics
  • Dual Output for Analog/Pulse: Simultaneous Output for Flow Rate or Temperature (/MV Option) and Pulse
  • Alarm Output, Status Output (Flow Switch)
  • High-accuracy ±0.75% of Reading (liquid) ±1% of Reading (gas, steam)
  • 100 ft. (30m) Signal Cable Length for Remote Amplifier Configuration
  • Compliance NAMUR43
  • Intrinsically Safe Designs
  • Explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe Construction, JIS /FM / CENELEC ATEX (KEMA) / CSA / SAA
  • Communication Function includes FOUNDATION Fieldbus, BRAIN and HART protocol.

* SSP is YOKOGAWA's Original Technology for Digital Signal Processing

NOTE: FOUNDATION is a registered trademark of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.

Installation Remarks

Electrical Connection Info

7150 Series Wiring Diagram for 9503 and 9504 Models


7150 Series Wiring Diagram for 9500 Series Mass Flow Computer

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digitalYEWFLO (Model DY/DYA, ISTEC P/N 7150-xxx) Vortex Flow Meter

Typical Specifications


1.1 This specification covers the requirements for vortex flow meters as described in the following section.


2.1 Measure fluid flow using only the Karman vortex shedding principle.

2.2 Detect vortex generation without using pressure detecting ports, holes, or passages, which may be blocked by process fouling. The use of shedder bars with integral diaphragms or thin-walled sections for vortex sensing is not acceptable.

2.3 Allow replacement of the shedder bar without unbolting or removing the meter body from the line.

2.4 Have a single element, solid steel shedder bar, and non-wetted sensor to resist damage by entrained process debris. The material of construction of the shedder bar shall be duplex stainless steel per ASTM A744-CD4MCU to provide resistance to both corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

2.5 Utilize a sensor consisting of two piezoelectric crystals coupled for piping noise suppression. The crystals shall be hermetically sealed within the shedder bar (O-ring seals are not acceptable) to prevent degradation by the ambient or process environment and to maximize weak vortex detection.

2.6 Utilize 1000-ohm platinum RTD embedded in the shedder bar for process fluid temperature measurement.

2.7 Shall be available with full ANSI pressure rating at operating temperature up to and including 2500#.

2.8 Be a full-bore design to minimize the effects of flow profile variations (insertion designs will not be accepted). The meter shall be available in sizes from 1" through 8" and wafer, flanged and dual-sensor configurations shall be available.

2.9 Use a common amplifier for all line sizes, fluid types, outputs (analog or pulse), and protection types (explosion proof and intrinsically safe).

2.10 Provide a simultaneous 4-20mA analog signal and a scaleable pulse/frequency output (0-10000 Hz). A status output (flow switch function) or alarm output shall also be available in lieu of the pulse output. The 4-20mA signals shall be assignable to the mass flow rate, the volumetric flow rate, or the temperature.

2.11 Shall be configurable through a local display interface with parallel two-line LCD display (MMI) without the need for a separate handheld terminal. Display options shall include mass flow, volumetric flow, total, and temperature.

2.12 Have FM and CSA electrical approvals (explosion proof and intrinsically safe) for Class I, Division I, Groups A-D.


3.1 Allow remote communications using BRAIN or HART protocol via the 4-20mA lines and digital communication via Foundation Field bus.

3.2 Shall use the Spectral Signal Processing technique to extend the benefits of Digital Signal Processing for stable, accurate flow measurements.

3.3 Shall require no start-up tuning. Shall automatically select optimum settings – even in noisy environments.

3.4 Shall calculate the mass flow of saturated steam based on steam tables embedded in the software and the mass flow of liquids based on a programmed algorithm.

3.5 Provide computational capabilities that include...

Instrument error correction
Reynolds number correction
Expansion correction for compressible fluids

3.6 Provide real-time information that includes...

Input (vortex) frequency
Span frequency
Flowing velocity
Span velocity

3.7 Shall perform continuous diagnostics and analysis of the process for true condition-based maintenance.

3.8 Shall be DY/DYA Series (ISTEC 7150 Type) with the /MV option as provided by ISTEC Corporation of Sparta, NJ (Phone Number 973-383-9888 and Fax Number 973-383-9088).

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